The thesis work can be presented in several forms, depending on the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, the rules of the university and the specifics of the applicant’s specialty.

The most popular form of scientific work is a dissertation in the form of a manuscript. It is a handwritten work that contains the relevance and degree of knowledge of the topic, the object of study and the subject of analysis, the purpose of the study, hypothesis, analysis of literature and studies conducted by other authors in order to identify unexplored areas of the topic. It is very important to conduct experimental work as a graduate student and obtain practical results of his research.

The preparation of the manuscript includes the writing of the abstract containing the main results of the research.

Another type of thesis is presented in the form of a scientific report. This is a form of scientific work that can also be submitted to protection. Before starting to write a dissertation, it is necessary to keep in mind that the author must have published scientific works, which must necessarily have practical value. Among the works may be textbooks, monographs, manuals, articles published in various publications and publicly available. The attestation commission requires that the content of the thesis be reflected in the articles. Considering that it is rather difficult to do this on eight pages of printed text, articles are written for each chapter of the thesis. A prerequisite is reflected in the articles of the personal achievement of the author, and the presentation of the material should be presented in a sufficiently ambitious form to draw attention to their research. The title of the article should be within the scope of the thesis.

A scientific report can be submitted for protection, which is prepared on the basis of manuals, articles, recommendations that have a weight in science and are used in an educational institution. The scientific report is a presentation, synthesis of theoretical positions, analysis of the results, which are obtained by the author personally and published in scientific journals. In addition, there is an assessment of the practical significance of the results obtained and their approbation in practice. The scientific report reveals the scientific concept developed by the author, which must necessarily be supported by references to published works.

Thesis can be defended in the form of a monograph or textbook.

The monograph is a study, which sets out the main results of research obtained personally by the author. Can be written collectively and individually. The monograph differs from other scientific works in that it contains systematic results of the work. In this monograph has a certain structure. In the introduction, the reader enters the course of the problem, learns about the relevance of the topic. The main part may contain several chapters that complement each other. Usually the main part contains the results of research. The conclusion contains the results of the study. Also in the monograph may be applications that complement the individual chapters. Bibliography also need to specify.

The research results can be presented in the textbook, which can be used in practical work. The textbook is a book created to assist in the study of the subject. In the textbook it is important to observe the hierarchy of presentation of information. Traditionally, the textbook should have a table of contents, introduction, main text, indexes, bibliography. The main purpose of textbooks is to create an enabling environment for a continuous learning process. Dissertations of this kind are defended for a doctoral degree. Two months after the publication of the textbook, the author has the right to submit a dissertation for defense. In this case, you need to make an abstract in the prescribed form.

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