Before you start writing a dissertation, the applicant should look at already existing projects on the chosen topic. This is done in order to determine whether the topic is unique in fact and what its areas can be covered in the work.

A graduate student should be familiar with the already finished work on his topic. First, it will help to better understand the state of the problem at the current moment, and secondly, allow us to study which problems have been thoroughly studied and which need to be worked out in detail. In order to read the thesis, you must resort to one or more resources where you can view the work for free, or for a certain amount.

The state library can become the first instance, ready dissertations are sent for storage there. The repository contains the originals of dissertations defended since 1944 in almost all disciplines except medicine. Every year the library is replenished with thirty thousand completed dissertations. It took many years to convert works from printed to electronic. Today, there is an opportunity to access dissertations and abstracts via the Internet, which allows you to get the necessary information in a short time.

However, not everything is so simple: it is impossible to download a dissertation, for this you need:

Contact the reading room of the university library. To gain access to the electronic database, you must contact the school library for assistance and use the virtual reading room. The room is equipped with computers and there is an opportunity to read the information necessary for writing a thesis. Access to such reading rooms is usually free, you only need to purchase a reading ticket. An amazing feature of the reading room is that you cannot download dissertations, just read. You can print several pages of scientific work, but you can not copy. This is partly due to the protection of copyright, and partly, the ban provides an opportunity to prevent anti-plagiarism in scientific works. The library can provide a printed dissertation format, but you still cannot copy the document and you can only read it indoors. In addition, the thesis involves a personal contribution to science, so taking the alien labor as a basis is impractical if only because the borrowing will still be revealed by an expert commission and the work expended will be in vain.

Use an online resource.

Without leaving home, you can also use the services of an electronic library. To do this, you can use the online catalog and see which libraries provide such services. In some it is necessary to issue a library card. The difficulty lies in the fact that a reader’s card can be obtained only in Moscow, so it is necessary to first examine the information on the site in order to get on the visiting days. After a library card is received, it is necessary to issue a contract for the provision of services to the database. The service is paid and is for one year. The contract can also be concluded via the Internet, so if you have a library card, you do not need to go anywhere. There is also a free opportunity to access dissertations, but the service will be available during the week and only 10 percent of the information will be available. To do this, you need to register on the site and follow the appropriate link.

You can ask for help in the existing databases and catalogs of dissertations. Of course, all these services are not free, but there is an opportunity to get a thesis entirely for review. When working on your own scientific work will have to remember the ancient method – a visit to the library and extract the necessary information. As a rule, data on achievements and experiments are needed to find an unexplored area and to build on this thesis.

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